About Attorneys of Glendale

Founded in 2002, the Attorneys of Glendale offer extensive legal expertise, from their accumulated experience and problem-solving skills over their 15+ years of practice. Our attorneys are committed to providing each client with quality counsel, innovative solutions and personalized service.  

Avo Nalbandian is an experienced attorney in various areas including family law and divorce. When dealing with divorces or other complex family law litigation, Nalbandian develops strategies to maximize his clients’ best interests.

George Bilal practices several areas of law including construction law. He is highly experienced in all aspects of contract law — from the initial bidding on the project to the negotiation and the formation of the agreements and contracts.

With a comprehensive range of practice areas including: business litigation, personal injury, wage and labor, civil litigation, living trusts, bankruptcy, and employment law, the Attorneys of Glendale have grown to become successful in their professional ventures.  


We solve your problem

We understand that our clients have a great deal at stake, and our role is to resolve your disputes while protecting your most valuable interests. When you contact our Glendale Law Firm, you will be offered a knowledgeable team to examine your case from multiple perspectives, gain a comprehensive understanding of all facts, and plan a way forward. Our goal is to help you achieve a successful result.

Our Lawyers in Glendale confidently handle your case and provide you with the strong representation you need from start to finish.

Avo Nalbandian and George Bilal serve clients in Glendale and surrounding areas including  Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Norwalk, Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley.