Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law allows you the relief of the elimination of certain debts. According to Cornell Law School, “It also permits individuals and organizations to repay secured debt–typically debt with real estate or personal property like vehicles pledged as collateral–often on terms more favorable to the debtor.” It can be an extremely stressful time before you eventually file for bankruptcy, but we are here to help you through the entire process.

Our business bankruptcy attorneys are experienced in representing creditors, debtors, and other parties in interest within the purview of bankruptcy as well as in non-bankruptcy cases and out of court situations. We are proud to help businesses and consumers in need of reliable counsel to solve complex financial problems. Our personal bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience in representing financial entities and developing radical solutions for challenging cases.

Our business bankruptcy attorneys can help you with various areas relating to bankruptcy, including:

  •    Loan modification
  •    Wage garnishment
  •    Creditor harassment
  •    Repossession
  •    Repair your credit after bankruptcy
  •    Foreclosure
  •    The means test
  •    Life after bankruptcy
  •    Benefits of bankruptcy

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Our compassionate legal team is committed to assisting our clients to turn their financial situation around so they can start afresh with their financial planning. We understand the stress that arises from financial uncertainties. Fortunately, our lawyers are here to help you find a way out and improve one’s finances. To learn how to resolve your problem, contact us today.

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