Employment Law

According to Cornell Law School, “Employment law is a broad area encompassing all areas of the employer/employee relationship except the negotiation process covered by labor law and collective bargaining.” Employment Law includes wages, hourly pay, not receiving minimum wage, overtime pay, and more. We provide legal services for employers and employees concerning their rights guaranteed under state and federal laws. Our goal is to provide assistance to our clients with their employment-related needs.

Employment Law Attorneys Who Get Results

The relationship between employees and employers is governed by numbers federal and state law. Our employment law attorneys help to represent individuals in a broad spectrum of employment injuries and labor disputes.

We handle cases involving:

  • Civil rights violations for government employees
  • FMLA violations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful firing/termination
  • Workplace discrimination based on age, race, etc.
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Hostile environments at work
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Breach of contract

Our Workplace Discrimination Attorney Will Protect You

Despite government formulating numerous federal and state protections against workplace discrimination, many employees are still faced with workplace discrimination. If your rights have been violated, you need our team of experienced workplace discrimination lawyers to represent you.

A valid discrimination claim and action must identify discrimination based on factors such as:

  • Race or national origin
  • Religion or religious beliefs
  • Gender discrimination, including being subjected to sexual harassment or job discrimination because of pregnancy
  • Age
  • Disability

George Bilal is the primary attorney for employment law.