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Living Trusts

Trusts are the idea that a third party gains control over another’s property after their passing.

Examples of trusts and estates include trust planning, estate planning, living trust, and probate. It is vital for you and your family to have plans in place for your heirs regarding property inheritance. We have the experience and dedication in this field to help with the success of your Trust, Will and any planning matters.

At Attorney Of Glendale, we firmly believe that family always come first. That is why our living trust attorneys work hard to help build a secure future for your family. We provide reliable, accurate, and effective legal advice regarding probate, wills and living trusts, and advanced estate planning options.

Living Trust is often the best vehicle to ensure that your wishes are followed, avoid costly probate, and minimize estate taxes. That’s why our living trust attorney helps you set up a living trust to bring clarity in times of need providing you with high-quality counsel and representation. With a well-designed living trust, you can ensure that you leave behind a smooth and clean transition for your wealth and property, removing any ambiguity, to offer more time and space to your loved ones in order to deal with their feelings rather than complex financial situations.

We serve clients in the following areas of practice, among others:

  • Living trusts
  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Personal injury
  • Bankruptcy

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